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    Huanggang museum is located in the provincial city of culture has a long history of -- Huangzhou, built in 1957. In 1958 Dong Biwu personally inscribed the name. The current collection of 18574 pieces of cultural relics, including cultural relics at t …… more>>
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Huanggang History  

   Huanggang has a long history, as early as in the old stone age, the region is inhabited.

   Xia and Shang Dynasty, Yu "Feng Gao in Britain, after six" ("records of the historian Xia Ji"), the local domain is Gao later. (UK six namely Yingshan, Lu'an area). Spring and autumn and the Warring States, local Chu chu. Implementation of the system of prefectures and counties Qin Tongyiliuguo, local first belong to South County and Jiujiang County, is Heng Mountain county. Chu Chu Yu the occasion, in Heng Mountain County in Heng Mountain, China Zhu city (now Huangzhou Yu Wangcheng).

   Han Emperor four years (203 BC), to Heng Mountain County, belongs to Huai south. Emperor yuan Shou two years (121 BC), Heng Mountain County, South County a total of fourteen County home Jiangxia County, in Xiling (near modern Xinzhou county), Huangzhou, Qichun and other places in the region is Jiangxia County, Huangmei, Wuxue, Lujiang county. The Eastern Han Dynasty Jianwu twenty-three years (AD 47 years) Qichun Hou, Chuan III, for the rehabilitation Qichun county. In thirteen years (AD 208 years) in Jiangxia County, Qichun County home, resident of Qichun, Qichun, Huangmei, Huangzhou jurisdiction over this.When the Three Kingdoms, the local domain belong to Wei Yiyang county and Wu Qichun county.


Jin Dynasty Taikang the first year (AD 280 years), the revocation of Qichun County, jurisdiction Wuchang County, second years, Yang Xun (now Huangmei) county is Lujiang County, Xiling County, Qichun County, Zhu is Yiyang county. Yongjia three years (306 AD), Emperor Hui of Jin restore Sima Xiyang king, will be successively Xiling, Zhu, Qichun county is zoned Xi Yang country (all access is now the Henan Guangshan).

   The Jin Dynasty Yongjia years of civil strife, the people of the North Du Huainan shift. Salty and four years (AD 329 years), the west country Sima sin is to punish, west of West County to county site in Zhu, near the town of jurisdiction, Xiyang, Zhu, Xiling County, Qichun. Xiankang four years (AD 338 years), Mount Yuzhou, Zhu County, in five years, Yuzhou, moved to Wuhu, the West County along the yuzhou. Xiao Wu Di Tai Yuan three years (AD 378 years), the king of Jiujiang old city in the south, the county (now Huangmei southwest), under the jurisdiction of Qi Yang (Qichun overseas Chinese name) and 4 County, belong to the South Yuzhou, this area was two, and treatment. During the northern and Southern Dynasties armed separatism, frequent change of domain. In the Southern Song Dynasty divided Xiyang County home, county (now Macheng southwest) left. Emperor Xiaowu Xiaojian first year (AD 454 years), Xiyang County is zoned Ying Zhou, Ming Dynasty eight years (AD 464 years) Nan Cai county is jiangzhou. The Southern Qi, Jianyuan two years (AD 480 years) was set up in an Qi, Qi (southwest of Macheng), the home security was left in Mulan County, (now southwest of Hong'an), sun four years (AD 486 years), and set a lot in Qi, Qi Chang (now Qichun). Liang Dynasty, Xiyang County is Ying Zhou, Xiyang County County and confidence. In the Mongolian Longcheng (now Macheng Dingzhou northeast), in the big living off (now the East Xiang, Dawu) in Lucheng (now Hong'an) buy North jiangzhou. The occupation of Jiangbei when followed the old system, Northern Qi Tianbao years, once in the domain of Bazhou (Huangzhou today) built-in, Hampshire (Macheng today), Florida (now Qi spring), the Northern Zhou Dynasty waste home Bazhou Yi, changed state to Qizhou, set Yongning County (now Wuxue city), and will be placed on the Huang Town (now Huangpi east of the Southern Division), renamed Huangzhou.

 Sui Dynasty unified China, cancel the original home counties, the counties to implement the two level system. Kaihuang five years (AD 585 years), place Huangzhou in Hampshire, located in Huangzhou, found the house manager, this area belong to two palace. Kaihuang nine years (AD 589 years) to two, two, will be changed to Yongxing County, Yongning into Qi Chang County, two into Nanan County, the city of Luotian County home in righteousness. Kaihuang eighteen years (AD 598 years) Nanan for the Huanggang, Qi Chang Qichun, Huangmei, Liang An, Mulan, principal of Macheng county. The great cause of three years (AD 607 years), and two states to two County, Huangzhou to Yongan County, the legacy in Huanggang (now the Xinzhou territory), under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Huangpi, Magnolia, Macheng 4 counties; Qizhou renamed the Qichun County, the legacy in Qichun, under the jurisdiction of Qichun, Xishui, water, land Huangmei, Luotian 5 counties. The region is still for two counties and governance.

    Tang Takenori three years (AD 620 years) Yongan county to Huangzhou, and the home office Explorer (Wude seven years into dudufu) under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, the town of Fort (Huanggang Division), the Yangcheng (Macheng division). Wude four years (AD 621 years), Qichun County Qizhou, under the jurisdiction of Qichun (including Qi water), Lanxi (Xishui by name, including Luotian (Qichun), Yongning County Division). And in the Macheng Pavilion in Huangpi state; reset southern state division in Huangmei, Jinzhou. Wude eight years (AD 625 years), revocation of southern Jinzhou, pavilion, South state division, territorial belong to Huangzhou, found the. Zhenguan the first year (AD 627 years), revoke the dudufu, Tianbao the first year (AD 724 years) Huangzhou for the Qi up, found the Qichun County, two county and governance. Qianyuan year (AD 758 years), Fu County is two, two, is Huainan road. Huangzhou still in Huanggang, under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Huangpi, Macheng 3 counties; found in Qichun, under the jurisdiction of Qichun, Qi water, Guangji, Huangmei 4 county. Two states and governance. In five years (AD 885 years), the Huangzhou government moved to this station of Yangtze river. The five generation, Huang Qi two states has belonged to Yang Wu, Tang and the Later Zhou Dynasty, its membership still follow the old county.   The Song Dynasty is still Huangzhou, Qizhou and governance, the first case of Huainan Road, Xining five years (AD 1072) is a Huainan road. Yuanyou eight years (1093 AD) was divided in Qi county Luotian County home, after the waste. Scene three years (AD 1262), Qizhou legacy has moved to Qizhou, jurisdiction Qichun, Qi water, Guangji, Huangmei 4 county. Xianchun six years (AD 1270), divided into Qi county Yingshan County home. Huangzhou under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Huangpi, Macheng 3 counties. After yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasty, Huang Qi, two state government resident. The Yuan Dynasty in two states for two, the two Explorer house, and treatment. Yuan twelve years (AD 1275) Luotian County home rehabilitation; fifteen years (AD 1278) Yingshan designated Anhui, six. Yuan eighteen years (AD 1281) Huang Qizhou pacification office located in Huangzhou, Huangzhou jurisdiction, Qizhou, 3 Kwangju road. Yuan twenty-three years (AD 1292) are changed is Huai West Road, second years and change is Jiangbei Henan province. Huangzhou road under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Huangpi, Macheng 3 counties, Qizhou road under the jurisdiction of Qichun, Qi water, Guangji, Huangmei, Luotian 5 counties.


The Ming Dynasty Hongwu first year (AD 1368), Huangzhou Road, Qizhou road in Huangzhou Prefecture, found the house, two government and governance, belong to the Huguang Province, and in Huangzhou the construction of city. Hong Wu nine years (AD 1376), reduction of Qizhou Prefecture for revocation of Qichun County, state, government to found the truth, Qizhou jurisdiction remains in other counties, and Huangzhou house belong to Huguang buzhengsi, shortly after a change in Henan. Hongwu eleven years (AD 1378), found only generation, Huangmei two county jurisdiction Guangji, a house of Huangzhou jurisdiction, since the Qizhou and Huangzhou two and a. Hongwu twenty-four years (AD 1391), Huangzhou government is designated Huguang chief secretary. Jiajing forty-two years (AD 1563), the Huang An county. To this, Huangzhou government has jurisdiction over Huanggang, Macheng, Huangpi, Huang An, Qi water, Luotian, Guangji, Huangmei 8 counties and the qizhou.

The Qing Dynasty basically followed the system of the Ming dynasty. Kangxi three years (AD 1664) found no longer County, Huangzhou Prefecture Hubei chief secretary, Yong Zheng seven years (AD 1729) Huangpi county is Hanyang Prefecture, Huangzhou Prefecture under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Huang An, Macheng, Luotian, Qi water, Guangji, Huangmei 7 counties and Qizhou (the so-called "Huangzhou eight").

   In the first year (1912 AD), waste in Huangzhou Prefecture, to found the Qichun county. County is the Hubei province Wuhan Wong Tak Road (later renamed the East Road, Jianghan Road), fifteen years (1926 AD) waste Road, county directly under the Hubei provincial government. In twenty-one years (AD 1932), the region designated as provincial chief inspector of the three or four district, each agency, as the subsidiary organs of Hubei provincial government. Three the agency in Qizhou, jurisdiction Qichun, Guangji, Huangmei, Qi water, Luotian and this year from Anhui into Yingshan County; four the agency in Huang An, under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Macheng and Huang An, into Huangpi County, and in early second division Yesan County, also is the four agency jurisdiction. In twenty-two years (AD 1935) in June, changed the Qi county Xishui county. In twenty-five years (AD 1936) in March, third, the chief inspector of the four district merge as chief inspector of the Second District in Qizhou, second years January legacy migration in Huangzhou. During the war of resistance against Japan, the Republic of China for twenty-nine years (AD 1940) January, second Administrative Region Department in Huanggang County in the northern Loess ridge for the restructuring of East area, took the provincial government authority, and has increased under the jurisdiction of Xiaogan county and third administrative region. In thirty-four years (1945 Ad) the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Eastern Hubei administrative office moved back to Huangzhou, back to second in Hubei Province Office of the chief inspector.

    Under the leadership of the Communist Party in China, the field began in 1922 1927 to establish Party organizations, jute riots, Huang An County farmers government, in 1931, the red Fourth Army to conquer Huang An, Huang An Hong'an County county. Set up Hong'an, Macheng, Huanggang, Qichun, Guangji, Huangmei County Soviet government. During the war of resistance against Japan, in 1941 the establishment of the Huanggang (Center) County anti-Japanese democratic government and the administrative office of Henan and hubei. Founded in 1943, the Executive Office of the Commissioner of the Yangtze river. During the war of liberation in 1947, Liu Deng's army advancing fasten hill greatly, the establishment of Hubei and Henan area fourth counties, five agency, also has the establishment of the people's democratic government. The four agency under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Xinzhou, West, East, Xishui Ma Ma, Luotian County, five agency jurisdiction south, north, Qi Qi Guangji, Huangmei, Yingshan county. In 1949 March to the middle of May, the domain counties have liberation. At the beginning of 5, fourth, five agency and office of the Commissioner for administrative region of Huanggang in Xishui, in June changed its name to the administrative office of Huanggang District, in July moved to Huangzhou. Under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, Macheng (East, West with hemp hemp), Luotian, Yingshan, Xishui, Qichun (Southern, Northern Qi Qi merger), Guangji, Huangmei 8 county. Huanggang county seat in the wind.

   After the founding of PRC, in 1951 May, Huanggang district administrative office was renamed the office of Huanggang people's Government of Hubei Province, as police agencies. In June, Huanggang County Xinzhou County home. In 1952 June, a peaceful, Yangxin, Echeng, Huang An 4 Huanggang county was placed under the jurisdiction of the agency. In August, the Corps Castle County, in September changed its name to the victory of Huang An County, the county set for Hong'an county. In 1955 May, the agency was renamed the office of Huanggang, August, October, revocation of victory County, Huanggang County resident moved to Huangzhou by the wind. In January 1959, Daye designated Huangshi, 1965 September, Echeng, Yangxin two counties designated an area of Xianning. During the "Cultural Revolution", in the Huanggang area grasp revolution and promote production command as area leading organ. In January 1968, the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of Huanggang area in 1978 November, revocation, located in Huanggang district administrative office, sent to the provincial government agencies. In 1979 December, Echeng county was placed under the Huanggang area, and build the city, also in echeng. In 1983 October, designated Echeng County, city and Huanggang County town of Huangzhou, built area of Ezhou City, directly under the provincial government, at the same time, Xinzhou County in Wuhan city. 1986 July revocation of Macheng County, the city. In 1987 May, the revocation of Ezhou city Huangzhou District Huangzhou Town, recovery, return to Huanggang county. In December, revocation of Guangji County, located in Wuxue city. In 1990 December, the revocation of Huanggang County, Huangzhou city. Huanggang district administrative department under the jurisdiction of Huangzhou, Macheng, Wuxue 3 city and Hong'an, Luotian, Yingshan, Xishui, Qichun, Huangmei 6 counties. Approved by the State Council on December 23, 1995, the revocation of Huanggang city and Huangzhou City, the establishment of prefecture-level city of Huanggang, capital in Huangzhou. And build the Tuanfeng county and Huangzhou area.

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